Over 40 years of innovation, competence and quality

From quality manufacturer of micro glass tubes to system provider

Hirschmann GmbH is established by Adolf M. Hirschmann in Gundelsheim, Germany.
Company renamed Glasgerätebau Hirschmann and moved to Eberstadt. The business involved the processing of laboratory glass to make volumetric glass units.
Development of the first positive displacement pipette in close cooperation with the then Boehringer Mannheim (now called Roche Diagnostics). The expansion of this system demanded the use of precision micro glass tubes as perfect pipette tips for efficient
working in the microlitre range.
Production set-up for Micro Glass Tubes.
as of 1980
Special development and production orders for notable companies led to innovative special solutions, the deepening of existing and set-up of new production technologies.
Hirschmann is now one of the leading system providers for micro glass tubes. Production quantities in the millions and production accuracies starting at 0.005 mm represent world-class cutting-edge standards. The latest production lines, clean room production, well-founded know-how and our highly-motivated employees enable the realisation of cost-effective, innovative system solutions with Micro Glass Tubes.